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Privacy Policy

Cirus is committed to your privacy…but you’ve probably heard that a few thousand times before from a number of companies. Here’s how we work:

Cirus’ website automatically collects non-personal information about visitors to our websites. This information tells us what pages are being visited, when they are being visited, how many visitors we get, along with data regarding any errors and data including how you ended up visiting us. This data does not identify you personally, and we use it to improve our services and website.

If you are a customer of Cirus, we collect information for billing, support, and communications purposes which are used solely by us. Any information you provide as a customer of Cirus, including your name, address, telephone number, credit card information, or anything of the sort, is used by us to support you as a client. We do not sell, give out, or otherwise compromise your personal information unless required to do so by law.

We do, however, share your information throughout our departments and company. In other words, as a customer of Cirus, all of our departments will have access to relevant information about you.

Cirus’ site contains links to other websites, and we are not responsible for their privacy policies, or how they will use your information. Read their privacy policies carefully when visiting these other sites to see if you agree with them.

Some of our billing is conducted through Paypal. If you are using one of our services which bills through Paypal, then they will be collecting your billing and credit card information. You should review their privacy policy if you are utilizing them for payments to us.

You can expect to receive relevant communications from Cirus as a customer, or if you have requested information from us. If you are currently a customer, you will receive relevant information about your services (i.e. Invoices, service status, support responses and other information relevant to your account). We do not allow you to opt-out of these notices. However, should you wish to not receive any other information from Cirus, please email customer service ( with your preferences.