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Registering a Domain Name

To register a domain name, the first step is to choose a domain name that is available. Most registrars will automatically check this for you when you enter in the domain you'd like to use. You may also use our domain availability checker within our signup form.

Next, you'll need to select a registrar. There are lots of domain registrars out there, and Cirus Hosting can work with any of them.

The process may vary slightly from registrar to registrar, so follow any instructions from the domain name registrar you've chosen.

If you are using Cirus Hosting, make sure you do not sign up for any hosting packages from the registrar, and do not utilize their domain parking services. Also, if it is an option, put in Cirus' nameservers during signup.

If this is not an option during signup, you'll need to use your domain management interface provided by your registrar to change the nameservers to ours.

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